Weight Gain Tips : How to Gain Weight in 1 Month

Weight Gain Tips: How to Gain Weight in 1 Month– yes, off course! it is possible to gain weight in 1 month. Usually, people find it as hard as losing weight. Usually, Weight loss is that the most searched topic in the health section, but the pain of being skinny(underweight) is that the one that only people that are affected by it will imagine. The following is a Weight gain diet set up one will follow to induce the required body alongside correct exercise. Therefore, if you have a skinny(underweight) personality then this article helps you to gain weight in 1 Month.

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how to lose weight in 1 month with exercise-If you follow some easy techniques, then you’ll really gain weight in 1 month that you simply wish. All right, you need increasing your caloric eating but this doesn’t indicate that you simply will consume or produce all the wrong food decisions. the main target is the intake right correct amount. the correct diet also as actual exercises is very useful to achieve weight in one month. someone will put in the pound to their body the usual method through accept a well additionally as high-calorie diet. the connection of loaded and delicious foods through gaining mass is extremely previous.

You have to understand that people who think about fewer than their excellent weight might be at risk for convinced health troubles as example malnutrition also as weak resistance. On behalf of such people, a diet for weight gain is important in array to increase fit muscle mass.

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How we gain weight in one month without exercise

EARLY MORNING( 5:00 a.m. To 6:00 a.m. )   

  • Dalia (Without Sugar)20-50 gms.
  • Black (Sprouted) grams
  • Almonds (5 to 10 piece)
  • Half Glass of Skimmed Milk (Without Sugar)

BREAKFAST(7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.)

  • 1 glass of Non-Fat Milk,
  • 1-2 Bananas / 2-3 Food Supplement (+ or) 1-2 slices Toast with White butter/vegetable, cheese, sandwich (+ or) 1-2 Parantha with white butter/curd prepared from (Non-Fat) milk or corn flakes.

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AFTERNOON(11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. )   

  • 1 glass of fresh juice (No Salt) (or) two boiled potatoes with salad.

LUNCH(2:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m.)

  • Dal (or) sabzi (Boiled and prepared in refined oil or olive oil)(+) Green Salad(+) 1 Bowl of Curd/Raita (Non-Fat Milk)2-3 Chapatis of 1 Plate Brown Rice(+) Vitamin B-Complex.
  • After fifteen to thirty minutes of Plain water as per your capability.

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EVENING(5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)  

  • 1 Glass of Juice/Shake/Soup (+) one-2 Bananas/1-2 boiled Potatoes/25-50 grams if Raw Cheese with salad.


  • Same as Lunch + (Soybean, Raw Cheese, Green Veg., Non-Veg.)
  • (Don’t ad B-complex)
  • After fifteen to thirty minutes, Plain water as per capability + five minutes Walking.

Before Sleeping

  • ½, Glass of skimmed milk (Food Supplement- 1-2 spoons). 

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Home remedies of gain weight


Include potatoes in your regular diet. Potatoes have carbohydrates and complex sugar that helps in weight gain. For this you can eat potatoes in any way, but try not to be more fried.


Eating ghee will also increase your weight as it has a very good amount of saturated fats and calories. Ghee you can also eat in food or mix with sugar, but keep in mind that the amount of ghee is limited.


Eat a handful of raisins every day. Doing so will increase your weight faster. In addition, by dividing raisins and figs into equal parts, after soaking overnight, it will also increase weight.


Eggs have a lot of fat and calories and will consume it daily, but keep in mind that even forgetting the raw egg, it can cause serious health problems.


The best way to gain weight is to eat bananas. If you use bananas every day, the weight will definitely increase. Bananas have plenty of calories that not only give energy to the body but also help in increasing weight. Banana you can also eat with milk, and you can also take a banana shake.


Almonds are also largely effective in weight gain. For this, soak 3-4 almonds in water overnight and grind the next day and drink it in milk. Do this daily for a month, the effect will appear.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter can also increase weight. How can you eat it, such as putting it on bread or with bread? Peanut butter has high calories and also contains plenty of carbohydrates.

Get Enough sleep

People do not see sleep by increasing weight, and if it is said that getting enough sleep increases weight, they will understand it as a joke, while it is true. When people sleep enough, that is, at least 8 hours, their bodies will be relaxed and when they get rest, whatever they eat will definitely show effect on their bodies.

  • Eating nuts such as peanuts or dry fruits with milk will also increase weight, but keep in mind that it is all in a limited amount. It may not be that you and diseases sail in the body in a weight gain.


In addition to beans and legumes, eating rajma and pulses will also increase weight. Lyma beans and soybeans are more effective in this, so it is important that you eat them in some form or the other. Beans, in addition to carbohydrates and calories in beans, also have a large amount of fibre and all these elements help to increase weight.


Drinking pomegranate juice every day increases the weight rapidly.

Chana and Dates

Thin people if they eat dates with chana, they gain weight very quickly.

Walnuts and honey

Eating raisins by mixing milk also increases weight. In addition, if eaten by mixing honey in walnuts, thin people will be obese quickly.

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Cause of not gain weight

The main reason for leanness is heredity, so the person is not taking nutritious food and the Digestive system is not cured. If your digestive system is not cured, it will not let the nutrients that your body receive the necessary nutrients in your body. Let us know because of thinness:

  • Be underweight due to heredity.
  • Do not take balanced food according to manual exertion.
  • Not interested in eating.
  • Persistent indigestion, chronic diarrhoea, collections such as diseases.
  • Non-recovery of digestive tract.
  • Mental, emotional stress, anxiety causes the person to become lean.
  • Imbalanced body hormones.
  • Do too much exercise.
  • Taking nutritious food in very small quantities.
  • Do not eat at the right time.
  • Keep fast or fast more.
  • The birth of insects in the intestines.
  • Diseases in the body- diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, TB, cancer, anaemia and constipation etc.
  • Decreased amount of blood in the person’s body.
  • Decrease of metabolism metabolism.

Don’t do these things to gain weight

Many people work hard to gain weight, but they also take a lot of postic diet, but even if they do not lose weight, what is the reason why weight does not increase, most people make many mistakes that do not increase their weight, which is why they know that they do not grow their weight.

1. Avoid stress

Often people get too weak because of stress, so if you are thinking of increasing weight, you have to be stress free, stress free, so that you will feel healthy in your coma and you will enjoy eating food, so it is said not to take stress.

2. Don’t consume junk food

Today, people do not have time to eat household food and postic food in a life-long life, so most people run out of junk food such as pizza burger chomin, etc., which is very harmful for health, which increases your abdominal fat, which can cause you many diseases, so kosis to make junk food more and more.

Many people eat junk food fiercely in a weight-gain affair, while it is not correct. Do not eat junk food at all. Also, do not eat anything that is not cooked.

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3. Do not eat medicines to increase weight

Often people think of eating medicine because of not increasing weight, whether medicine will increase your weight or not, but if the side effects are high, it is the best and safest way to increase natural weight.

In addition, many people also take medicines and protein supplements to increase obesity or to increase weight, but are health-related. You will be able to gain weight from medicines, but then the problems in the future, which will be side effects, will not be good.

4. Don’t sit in the same place daily

People sit for hours in the same place mostly because of work so that the pressure goes to your stomach and your abdominal fat starts to rise, so don’t sit late in the same posison.

5. Do not consume alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking are very harmful to health, you may have noticed that whoever consumes smoking is very low in weight, so if you want to increase your weight, you should not consume alcohol and smoking, which is injurious to health. You can do weight gain by adopting these tips.

Note –

Gain Weight in one month is not an easy task, nor is it a fix method. Some people have obesity or low weight genetic, so do not force and contact the doctor if the weight is not increasing through these methods. Of course, if the above measures are done regularly, it will definitely benefit.


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