Supta Vajrasana Benefits, Steps and Precaution

The Supta Vajrasana described in yogshastra is one of the beneficial postures. This posture is considered to be an extended form of Vajrasana. It is beneficial for health to practice it after the forward-bending postures. Comparing these two postures, the practice of Vajrasana is done in one place. But the supta Vajrasana is done back and down. You can also practice vajrasana after eating an empty stomach or food. But the practice of supta Vajrasana should be practiced only on an empty stomach. The practice of supta vajrasana immediately after meals harms the place of profit.

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Regular practice of this pose leads to massage of the organs of the stomach and relieves digestive diseases. In addition, asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases also benefit from it. It is also considered to be the best easy for spiritual purpose.

It is considered to be a very beneficial yoga in yoga postures. It helps in normalising blood pressure. It reduces obesity in anatomy and also removes excess fat. Let us know

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What is Supta Vajrasana?

A slightly different state from the state of Vajrasan is of Supta Vajrasana. It has to be kept as stiff as the body and the stage is gold. That is why it is called Supta Vajrasana.

Supta Vajrasan is a Sanskrit word composed of two words in which the first word “Supta” means “bending” and the second word “Vajrasana” means “thunderbolt”. It is known in English as Reclined Hero Pose. This posture is enough to tone your body. It’s helps to reduce disorders of both male and female reproductive organs. Let us know the method of doing this posture in detail.

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Supta Vajrasana Benefits

We all know that Vajrasana has many benefits, this Supta Vajrasana is also an advanced version of Vajrasana, that is, it is even more beneficial for us. Let us know some of the major benefits:

  1. It is the best exercise of spinal cord, back muscles, abdominal veins and the state of the state.
    It removes the pain and helps in eliminating the infertility of women.
  2. Regular practice of this posture leads to the removal of all respiratory disorders.
  3. The practice of this pose makes the muscles of the body healthy.
  4. Regular practice of this posture strengthens the knee, chest, legs, waist.
  5. All diseases of the township system are removed from regular practice of this posture.
  6. The practice of supta vajrasana exposes the kundalini of the underand flowing.
  7. While practicing this posture, the performance of the lungs increases so that the body is able to breathe in large quantities.
  8. The practice of its makes the body resilient and strong.
  9. The large intestine related to the abdomen is cleared by practicing supta vajrasana, thereby eliminating all the disorders related to the bound cohesiveness and stomach.
  10. Every day, the practice of this posture leads to the removal of throat problems, problems such as thyroid, tonsils. As well as cervical,t. a vocative lady. , deadly diseases like asthma do not tick too long.
  11. it is proves to be very useful for those who have hemorrhoids problems.
  12. Because of its practice, the blood circulation begins to move towards the head, thereby eliminating eye problems, increasing the light of the eyes.
  13. Untimely hair whitening or hair loss fixes the problem.
  14. Women’s menstrual, white-padar, is the problem.
  15. The seeker who regularly practices it is always young, its practice makes the body beautiful, waist thin and attractive.
  16. To relieve obesity, there should be regular practice.
  17. Before the Supta Vajrasana, you can practice Balasan, Bhujangasan, Gomukhasan or Veerasan. After the Supta Vajrasana, you can practice the bakasan or Padmaasan.

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Supta Vajrasana Steps

Supta Vajrasana Steps

Sit comfortably on the ground. Bend both the feet and move back. The talukas are raised. The right thumb of the foot remained on the left foot and the two ankles remain under the anus door. Both knees are interconnected. The waist was straight.

Deposit both hands on both knees. Now you come to the Vajrasana mudra. Then gently bend backwards, put the back on the floor. Initially, if the balance is not stable, take the trunk backwards by resorting to the kumas.

The head should be tilted towards the back as far as possible and tilt the earth and make the stomach and chest as much as possible upwards.

The knee should remain adjacent to the ground and keep breathing moving. Stay in this situation for five minutes. Then wake up slowly and repeat it three times after resting.


According to some yogis, this practice can be done even after meals, so that old age does not come to an early pass. It can also be called the full position of the Vajrasana.

Time to make Supta Vajrasana

After coming to this posture, one to five minutes can be in the posture stage. When good practice is done, repeat it three to five times.

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Supta Vajrasana Precautions

  • Patients with hypertension do not do this posture.
  • If your disc slipped disc, you should not do this posture.
  • A person suffering from knee pain avoid doing this posture.
  • Do not practice this if you have pain in your neck.
  • If you have problems with back pain, do not try to do this posture.
  • Do not practice this posture in case of osteoporosis and vertigo.

You have come to know about “Supta Vajrasana” in this article. You will soon be able to master this posture through regular practice. Your feedback is important to us.

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