shalabhasana (Locust Pose) Steps and Benefits

What is shalabhasana

The position of the person’s body in this posture moth; That is, it becomes like a tiddi, so this posture is called ‘Shalabhasana ‘.

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Shalabhasana Steps

Lie down on the abdominal force. Mix the ankles. The claws were lying. Put the face in front, let the chin hinge from the ground. Combine the two hands and place it under the thighs so that the palms remain upwards. Both the kohaites were found and under the abdomen.

Now lift up the bottom part of the navel, keeping the legs straight from behind, breathing. Keep in mind that the legs do not turn and come back after a few moments of stay, keeping the left ear on the ground and leaving the body loose in a relaxed posture. Meditation on the Anahata Chakra.

This posture relieves heart disorder and keeps it healthy. Take it in accordance with the new seeker and the patient’s hands of heart and blood pressure, alternately, first pick up one leg, then the other leg. After a few days, both of them will practice lifting together, so it will be easily and will also get full benefits.

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Shalabhasana Tips

In this posture, the legs are raised up by the abdominal force. It is beneficial to do this posture slowly patiently.
While doing this posture, the head should be towards the east direction. It is a difficult posture, so it requires a person to practice continuously. While doing this posture, the body should be given a little bit of tone.

Time of Shalabhasana

Initially, this posture can be up to 10 times once and later.

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Shalabhasana Benefits

  • This posture strengthens the putha, relieve obesity, gives strength to the abdominal organs.
  • This posture makes the shoulders, lungs and heart healthy. This affects spinal cords and vein-nadis. It prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • The continuous practice of this posture gives away hernia, diabetes, stomach disease, lung weakness.
  • The practice of this posture is curvy in the waist and feet.
  • By doing this posture, the brain gets power.
  • This posture is beneficial in liver, kidney and intestine disease.

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