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how to make face glow and fair at home

how to make face glow and fair at home

how to make face glow and fair at home- Some women are very beautiful. If you see such ones, your jealousy and your confidence in the mind will be reduced. Because many people do not see the inner beauty of this world. Most people weigh a person with perfection. So, if you maintain the beauty of the external beauty and the external beauty in mind, you can do anything boldly and can improve in your life. Many people in this world think that they are less beautiful than they are. This results in decreased self-confidence and progress. So to be beautiful, you need to properly care for the skin. It is enough to keep the skin from some of the things in the home without using the contents that are sold in stores. Eat more good foods and enhance the skin’s beauty. Now we have done a few things to do to make the skin look good. If you read it and follow it properly, make sure it changes beautifully

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how to make face glow and fair at home

Drink water

You have to drink lots of water daily. Thus the toxins in the body are excreted with skin bleeding.

Drink the brush juice

To drink at least 2 large glasses of juice daily. It gets all the nutrients you have to skin, and the skin becomes beautiful. Avoid carbonated beverages mainly.

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Perfect sleep

Do not sleep properly every day? If it is, then it will spoil the facial beauty. So regularly 8 hours a day, if you sleep well, the skin will be beautiful.


If you have lemon juice on your diet daily, the vitamin C in it will eliminate the toxins in your body. So when eating salad some good lemon juice or 1 glass lemon juice is good.


On the walnut, there is a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. So the skin is beautiful, so it can be included in daily diet. And if you have to massage your skin with walnut oil, your old age will go away.


An excellent way to comb your skin is to eat oranges daily. Otherwise, orange juice can be masked to grind the face.

Banana mask

Mix bananas well and make a thick paste with honey and lemon juice, wash it on face and neck and wash it for 15 minutes. If you do this once a week, you will get good results.

Green Tea

If you drink a cup of green tea every morning, you get a brittle skin. After getting green tea, the leaf is rubbed in the skin and washed with soap and soaked skin.


If you add this beautiful fruit to your diet, it will refresh the affected cells and increase the beauty of the skin.


Do you like to fish? If so, eat salmon much. If you eat it, it will reduce the contractions of the skin and the beauty of the face.


Protein does not just fill the egg. There are some vitamins that give beauty to the skin. So add an egg to your diet and wash the egg white on the skin and get a good effect.


Since there is a lot of antioxidant in the powder, it is very much eaten or half the skin of the skin, the skin of the affected skin gets cured and the beauty of the skin increases.

Sun Screenshots

When you go out, you have to use a good quality sunscreen logo. This can prevent skin cells from being infected.


The longer the eyes wake up, the eyes are tired. So if you put cucumber on your eyes for a little while, your tiredness in your eyes and your eyes will be refreshing.(how to make face glow and fair at home)


Avocados are a lot of water and can be prevented from getting dandruff. The skin is always moist and bleached.


As the proteins are high in the pores, the affected skin cells will be renewed and aging will be banned. So to be beautiful, you need to add lots of pulses to the diet.(how to make face glow and fair at home)


If you have good fruits and vegetables made twice a month, the skin will be fresh, healthy and beautiful.


Using a good moisturizer for everyday skin and massage for 10 minutes, the skin is pretty dull.

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