Healthy Diet for health

Healthy Diet for healthA healthy diet reduces the risk of many chronic diseases and is important in keeping your body healthy. A healthy diet contributes to the benefit of the scientist in providing health benefits.

A healthy diet plan to lose weight is necessary. Instead of making big changes, it may be better to make some small changes. Because making big changes in your diet can sometimes be very heavy. Here you are told about some changes in diet that can make the regular diet a bit healthier.

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Healthy Food(Healthy Diet for health)

Breakfast in the morning

Most people start their work at 9 o’clock but this time Breakfast should be done. Grains can be taken in breakfast or a plate mix or vegetable equivalent. In addition to this, you can also take green tea or a glass of juice.

What to do at lunch

The lunchtime is around 12 o’clock. You can eat the food right now. you can include In the meal half a bowl of rice, two roti, a bowl of yogurt, a bowl of peeled lentils, a bowl of green vegetable, a plate and salad. All of them have high amounts of nutrition which helps in keeping the body healthy. Drink water after 30 minutes after eating it.

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Tea and some light flowers between 3-4 o’clock

After about three hours of lunch, you can take a plate of bhell or two biscuits with tea. With this, you can use any of the fruits such as serve, raw jam, orange, pomegranate Cucumber, etc. cucumber, can take watermelon in the summer because it keeps the body hydrated. You can also take a glass of juice in the summer.

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Dinner in the dinner will be fine, two chapatis, light rice, one cup curd, and one plate salad will be fine. Three hours before sleeping, dinner should be more beneficial. Because it digests your food well and does not contain constipation and acidity.

Keep in mind

Breakfast does not leave at all.

Surely do not give more time gap between breakfasts,

lunch and dinner because due to hunger for too long BMR (body’s METABOLISM rate decreases due to which weight and fat increase).

While saying food, do not watch TV, do not run mobile. Always eat food and eat it.

Do not take water in the middle of the food.

Chew the food slowly and chew it.

More than two tea / not enough should be taken throughout the day.

Balak T / Black can take plenty / green tea, but not too much.

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