Vastu Tips of Study Room

Vastu tips for study rooms –Nowadays, in the field of education, all students are visibly stressed due to increasing day-to-day competition. And work day and night to achieve success in your life. But there are many students who do a lot of hard work but fail despite hard work.

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According to Vastu Shastra, each of the students must keep in mind all the nuances associated with the study room at their study room. If we study in our study room by creating an atmosphere according to Vastu, we get positive energy and the hurdles in the field of education will be removed. Today, we are going to tell you vastu tips related to study rooms (Vastu for study rooms) and the student gets the highest success.

Vastu tips for study room

  • Vastu for study room – Students should keep in mind that the table they are using to read should be in the square and the table has a similarity in the four feet.
  • According to Vastu rules, the children’s reading room should be in the north, east or north-east direction in such a way that the face is east or north while studying. The reading room is very beneficial to build in the west-central area of the building. In this direction, mercury, Guru, Moon and Venus get the best effect from the planets. Students studying in this direction’s room grow from mercury to wisdom, guru to ambition.
  • The window or skylight in the study room may not be in the east-north or west or possibly in the south.
  • While studying in the drawing room, your table, chair, etc., should be kept in the north or north aerial angle, while the rack should be kept in the west or south direction. One thing should always be in the south-east direction of the lamp table while placing table lamps on the table.
  • The students do not apply their study table to the south-west or in front of the door at all. Because according to Vastu, doing so leads to the downfall of wisdom.
  • Vastu for the study room – do not keep your study table glued to the door or wall, and do not set your study table directly below the light. By doing so, the attention is repeatedly wandering.
  • Keep in mind that you arrange a study room in the north-east or east-direction room. Because this direction is good and inspiring for the students.
  • Vastu for study room – you can keep the study room from the puja ghar. But do not keep it in the south-east, south-west or north-west because it creates an ominous and stressful situation for the students.
  • Vastu for study room – Students should not sit in the north-west direction and study. Because it does not mind studying and meditation is also distracted again and again.
  • There should never be a reading room near the toilet. The rack or cupboard of books in the room for study should be in the east or north direction. If you have to study in the bedroom due to lack of space, the reading table, library and rack are in the west or south-west direction, but the face is in the east or north direction while reading.
  • Students who live outside the house in hostels etc. or students for whom this is not possible. They should set up a portrait of Ganesha by doing mata saraswati or dancing or writing on the east side and bow down before and after the study. Doing so increases the energy level of the students (Vastu for study rooms) and keeps the focus in the study.

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