Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose) Benefits And Steps

What is Shashankasana?

The person’s posture Shashank (Rabbit) while doing this posture; That is, it becomes like a Rabbit sitting, so this posture is called “Shashankasana“. This posture is very beneficial for intestine, asthma, diabetes, heart disease pancreas, veins, buttocks, anus, etc. It helps in eliminating constipation and is beneficial for women whose health is undeveloped.

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Shashankasana Benefits

However, there are many benefits of Shakshasan. Some of its important benefits are being explained here.

Stress reduction

Regular practice of this posture can reduce stress and anxiety to a great extent. Not only this yoga currency
Plays an important role in reducing anger, fear, grief, etc.

Reducing anger

If someone gets angry, he must practice Shashankasana.

Reproductive organs

It protects the reproductive organs from a lot of fertility problems.

Liver and kidney

This posture enhances the activity of liver and kidneys and keeps them healthy.

For the strength of the stomach

It protects you from digestive problems by strengthening the abdominal part.


If you practice this posture in front of an expert, the cicatica can be relaxed to a great extent.

Helpful in sexual disorders

It is beneficial in cases of sexual disorders.

For heart patients

Shashankasan’s practice gives a lot of comfort in heart disease. Therefore, people suffering from heart disease must practice this posture.

Beneficial in back pain

It is a beneficial practice for back and neck pain.

For Memory

This posture is beneficial for the eyes and brain, helping to increase memory while supplying blood as much as possible in the brain.

For the lungs strength

It is a great practice to strengthen the flags.

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Shashankasana Steps

shashankasana Steps

First of all, lay a pedestal on the ground to do this posture.

Then sit in the currency of Vajrasan. Breathe deeply and move the arm of both hands upwards. The palms of both hands should be open and in front.

Now slowly bend from the waist while breathing, put the arms on the ground. Then, land the forehead with the ground. At the same time, meditation can be taken to develop a travak point, think, solve a problem in this posture.

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Base Position: Vajrasana


In this posture, the two legs are folded with knees and the head is spread over the knees by spreading the two hands forward. Do not rush for this posture.

Time to Shashankasana

Do this posture 3 or 4 times.

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Shashankasana Precautions

  • Those who have back pain problems should not do this posture.
  • They should also not do this posture if they have a problem with the lip disc.
  • People with high BP also do not do these postures.
  • People who have stomach and head disease should avoid this posture.
  • Do not do these postures when you are dizzy.
  • Those who suffer from hernia disease also survive.

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