Nutrition Definition And Nutrition Types

Nutrition Definition- nutrition definition pdf

Nutrition Definition And Nutrition TypesThe food you choose determines which nutrients your body will get and in what quantity Nutrients are substances that allow your body to create energy, make and maintain tissues and regulate body processes. If you consume a healthy diet filled with foods of various high-nutrients, then you are more likely to enjoy good health. If you eat nutritional deficient bad food then you can not enjoy good health. This post will provide an overview of nutrition, which is the process of taking nutrients from foods by looking at the six categories of nutrients:







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Types of nutrition:(Nutrition Types)

Nutrition is mainly of two types of autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition.

Autotrophic nutrition:

Green plants and some bacteria can make their food (organic matter) from inorganic substances (CO2 and H2O) with the energy of sunlight. This type of nutrition is called autotrophic mode of nutrition.

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Heterotrophic Nutrition:

In this type of nutrition, food (organic and inorganic substances) is obtained by feeding other organisms. Heterophobic nutrition is classified as Holozoic nutrition, saprophytic nutrition, and parasitic nutrition.

Hologozoic Nutrition:

In this way, organisms consume food in solid form. The organisms consume the food in the body, digest it and absorb the soluble products from digestion, e.g.

Saprotrophic Nutrition:

In this way, the organisms that receive their food from dead and rotten inorganic substances, and secrete digestive enzymes on living organisms and absorb digestive products, e.g. Some bacteria and fungi.

Parasitic nutrition:

In this type of nutrition, the organisms eat their food after staying in contact with other organisms. Some bacteria, roundworm, tapeworm, Cuscuta, etc.

Nutrition Definition And Nutrition Types

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