News:Unsalted tomato juice can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol Level

News: Unsalted tomato juice can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol Level- According to a study, researchers have found that drinking Unsalted tomatoes juice can reduce the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, in adults, which are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

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For studies, published in Food Science and Nutrition Magazine, Tokyo Medical in Japan And researchers from Dental University had about 500 people, including 184 men and 297 women.

In the study, it was found that 94 participants were unsuccessful Blood pressure was found in the pre-hypertension or high blood pressure drop.

Systolic blood pressure in the discovery was less than the average of 141.2 to 137 mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure was found below the average of 83.3 to 80.9 mmHg.

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The study said The level of high LDL (or poor) cholesterol levels decreased from 155 to 149.9 mg / DL in 125 participants by drinking unsalted tomatoes juice.

According to the researchers, unsalted tomatoes Received beneficial effects of juice were similar between men and women and different age groups.

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