Best Direction of Sleeping as Per Vastu Tips

Best Direction of Sleeping as Per Vastu- vastu is important for best sleep direction. Vastu can help you with your sleep disorders. you can follow these sleeping vastu direction and eliminate to sleep-related problems. it’s important to understand the need for best direction sleep but before begin learning the best directions to sleep as per vastu Shastra.

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Why Sleep is Important? the best direction to sleep scientifically

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. Regular, good sleep is most important for brain functioning, emotional wellbeing, physical health, daytime performance, and personal safety.

On the other hand, a really smart, sound and timely sleep provides us the energy that allows us to manage our day to day work simply and proficiently.

Sound, comfortable and timely sleep, with the exception of food, water, and shelter, is one among the foremost essential factor that we tend to all want daily. On a median, somebody’s spends third of his life sleeping. Yes! That’s true, we doze a third of our life. the best direction to sleep scientifically

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As you would possibly remember those energies, either positive or negative are always around us, whether or not we would like them or not. Also, we constantly receive and radiate energy, therefore it’s crucial to sleep in a place with positive and harmonious energy to possess sound and cozy sleep. Vastu sleeping directions are tips and tips to sleep in a method in order that we receive favorable energies and reject unfavorable ones.

Let’s revisit our discussion on suggested sleeping directions by Vastu. As per Vastu, you’re liberal to couple your head in any direction EXCEPT NORTH. However, sleeping with head totally different directions has different effects on sleep quality of individuals. therefore with none delay, let’s see however completely different directions impact our sleep and lifestyle.

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Which Direction Do You Sleep In? According to vastu

Best Direction of Sleeping as Per Vastu

According to Vasthu Sastra, a person to keep healthy, sleep plays an important role. the best direction of sleeping in the south direction means your direction of head in the direction to sleep scientifically

If you sleeping in North direction with your head is bed direction in vastu Shastra. in this direction, only a dead body’s head is kept. so never keep his head in the North while sleeping. If one sleeps in this position then he/she faces major sickness and remains sleep deprived.

If you Sleeping with head in East direction increases memory, concentration, good health and inclination towards spirituality. students must be sleeping in this direction as per vastu Shastra, must sleep with their head in East direction in order to increase memory, retention power of brain and concentration.

Why should you sleep by turning left? (Direction for Sleeping)

There is a scientific basis behind this also. it’s supported phonology. there’s a breath in and out of the nose. once you breathe through the left pore of the nose and leave it through the second hole, it’s called the lunar tone. When doing this work with the correct tone, it’s called Surya Swar. The Sun produces heat within the body. It helps in digesting food. that’s why one should sleep by turning left.

Can also head towards east

You can also head east and west during sleeping direction. According to the Scriptures, these conditions are also better for sleeping. In Sanatan Dharma, the sun is considered to be a life-giver and a deity. It cannot be considered appropriate to foot the sun’s exit. This can be kept head towards the east.

Master Bedroom Vastu

Vastu of the master bedroom along with the direction of the head is also necessary while sleeping . The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house. According to Vastu, the owner should sleep in the master bedroom of the house. Let’s know the vastu tips of the master bedroom:-

  • According to Vastu Tips, there should be master bedroom in the direction of south-west of our house .
  • The master bedroom should be larger than the rest of the rooms.
  • If there is more than one consignment in the house, there should be a master bedroom on the first stool. Even this should be in the direction of south-west.
  • The bed in the master bedroom should be at the south or west wall.
  • It is not right to put a bed in the corner.
  • According to Vastu, only married people should stay in the master bedroom.
  • The south-west direction of the master bedroom should always be filled.
  • In the master bedroom you can have shelves in the southwest direction.

Important point for Sleeping

  • Never sleep at home during the evening. In the Scriptures, gold is prohibited during the evening, especially in Twilight Bella.
  • Take food about 2 hours before bedtime at night.
  • Keep in mind that if not necessary, do not wake up late at night.
  • Keep your mind calm whenever you are going to sleep.
  • Whenever you go to sleep, you should remember the Lord and express gratitude to him for this precious life.
  • According to Vastu expert, a married couple should sleep in the south direction by head and foot in the north direction. It does not have negative energy in the house.
  • If you are older in the house, you should be in the north-west direction of the house with your wife. It will also benefit you in relationships including jobs.

Advantages sleeping of south direction

Tell you that whenever you head towards the south, the foot will naturally be in the north direction. In this direction of foot and head, gold has been directed to sleep in such a way as per the scriptures as well as the prevailing beliefs. This recognition is also based on scientific facts. It is said that by placing the head foot in this direction, gold also keeps the body’s blood, circulation right.

On the information given in this article of Best Direction of Sleeping as Per Vastu, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected result. Before adopting them, please consult the expert of the concerned field.

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