Benefits of Janushirasana, Steps and Precautions

What is Janushirasana?

Janushirasana can also be called Mahamudra. There is not much difference. ‘Janu’ means knee and ‘shir’ means head. Thus, this posture is called “Janushirasan”.

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Janushirasana Benefits

  • The continuous practice of this posture strengthens the nerves and muscles of the knees, back, waist, etc.
  • There is flexibility in the back and waist.
  • Disorders of ankles, pins, knees, etc., are removed and semen defects are removed.
  • Remove defects like spleen, yakat, intestines etc. Abdominal obesity is removed. There is curvy ness in the abdomen, waist, thighs, arms, back, etc.
  • The spinal cord is strong and flexible, the disorders of the original blood vessel passing through the middle of the spinal cord are removed.
  • Cytica pain also benefits, sperms increase, diabetes disease is removed.

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Janushirasana Steps

Janushirasana Steps

Spread both legs on the ground and sit down. Let the right leg be spread. Stick the talukas of its claws to the right thigh. Hold the right toe or claws with both hands, and apply the outer kumbhak.

Hold the stomach inside with emphasis on the navel, laxative and apply the outer kumbhak. Put the stomach on the navel and move inside.

Now slowly bend me slowly from the waist to the front. Apply to the forehead or nose. Gradually open the posture while breathing the supplement. Then do this posture in the currency. While doing this posture, meditation is applied to the spinal cord.


In this posture, the head is sated with a knee. Rajswala and pregnant woman should do this posture. The posture of turning the waist should be gradually.

Time of Janushirasana

Do this posture as long as you can easily.

Janushirasana Precautions

  • Just keep bending until you can hold your breath comfortably.
  • Do not make extra effort at once. The extent of achievement in this posture depends on the flexibility of your body, so try slowly to succeed in this yoga.
  • People with hypertension do not do this posture.
  • During menstruation and pregnant women do not do this posture.

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